Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Action Plan - Class room Transactions- Teaching Learning process

Action Plan - Class room Transactions- Teaching Learning process
v  Ensuring of professional preparation of the teacher like unit plan/lesson plan, [RTE Norms: Minimum no.of working hours per week for teachers 45 hours including preparatory hours] and collecting of relevant teaching- learning resources before stepping into the classes and learning transaction in the classes shall happen successfully in every school. 
v  Ensure the implementation of Periodical appraisal of Performance of teachers and HMs by executing Performance indicators.
v  Focus on arrangement of reading corners in all the schools.  Small books as per the class standards have to be collected and to be kept in the reading corners to develop the early reading habits.
v  Ensure that the schools having   classes 1 and 2 shall have running boards to enable the children to reach an improve writing skills. It provides the opportunity for the learners to develop motor skills by scribbling, free hand curves, drawings, for learning alphabets and numbers.

v  For all round development and academic improvement of the child, every school shall implement the school activities, innovative activities, talent search activities in the schools.  The local authorities and school authorities may prioritize the certain activities for effective implementation in the schools. The schools have freedom of adopting their own innovative activities. So that a diversified activities will be visible across the mandal or in the district instead of monotonous activities.