Saturday, July 26, 2014


1)In case you claim preferential allotment on the ground of:
a)your spouse being a state government employee or an employee of a state government corporation, company, society or other authority under the State government and you and your spouse wish to be allotted to the same State, or
b)being a widowed, legally separated or divorced woman employee, or
c)serious physical handicap or
d)serious medical hardship
Please furnish full particulars in support of your claim in a separate sheet and attach it to this form along with supporting documents to establish your claim duly certified and recommended by the head of the department
2) It is hereby made clear that while the preference in favour of a State expressed by a Government Servant will be taken into account while allocating the employee to a State, it shall not be mandatory for the Government to allot the employee to the State of his choice; and that it is open to the Government to allot the employee in accordance with the Guidelines framed under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014. It shall also be open to the Government to depute an employee allocated to a State to the other Successor State in terms of proviso to Section 77(2) of the A P Reorganization act, 2014.