Saturday, July 26, 2014


The first task of the Advisory Committee shall be the determination of cadre strength of the different categories of posts in various Services in the Departments in the combined State of Andhra Pradesh as on 1 June 2014, and to propose allocation of posts and distribution of cadre strength between the two States. Preparatory to this process, it shall be the responsibility of the General Administration (State Reorganization Department) of the Continuing State of Andhra Pradesh to gather information on and determine the following, to facilitate accurate and equitable estimation of the effective cadre strength of all categories of posts in the various departments in the two States.
i.A list of all Specified Gazetted categories of posts included in Schedule (3) of the Andhra Pradesh Public Employment Order, 1975 as amended up to date, for which local cadres have been organized. All the gazetted categories of posts other than the specified gazetted categories will therefore be allocable between the States.
ii.A list of all gazetted categories of posts other than the specified gazetted categories that are allocable between the two States.
iii.A list of categories of posts in respect of which multi zonal cadres have been organised in terms of Sub paragraph 5 of Paragraph (3) of the Andhra Pradesh Public Employment Order 1975, which transcends the boundaries of the successor States, posts in which will now be required to be allocated between the two States, on the basis of the physical location of the posts in the territories comprised in the two States. Persons holding posts in these cadres shall be given option to exercise preference to serve either of the States.
iv.A list of all non gazetted categories of posts in the departments which have been notified as exempt from the requirement of organizing local cadres, under Sub paragraph (8) of Paragraph (3) of the Order, by virtue of which it becomes necessary to consider allocation of posts and persons holding such posts.
v.A list of departments which came into existence after the issue of the Presidential Order to which the provisions of the Presidential Order have not been applied. As such, no local cadres would have been organised in these departments. Territorial posts in these departments will be deemed to be allocated based on location. State cadre posts, both non- gazetted and gazetted, and the personnel holding such posts will be allotted between the two States in accordance with the principles specified in para-18.
vi.Up to date and authentic lists of the following, which stand exempted under Paragraph 14 from the provisions of the Presidential Order:
(a)Secretariat Departments,
(b)Offices of Heads of Departments,
(c)Special offices and Establishments,
(d)State level Offices and Institutions, and
(e)Major Development Projects.
The State Government may identify, in respect of the above entities, those departments, special offices and establishments, State level offices and institutions and major development projects that exclusively serve territories falling within each
successor state, which will be treated as territorial institutions for purposes of this Act. All posts in these departments, offices, institutions or projects will be deemed allotted to the successor States where they are physically located.
The rest of the entities notified under the Presidential Order that serve the entire State only will now be treated as State level Offices, Institutions and Establishments, and Major Development Projects. The posts in these State Level Entities determined as such for the purposes of this Act have to be equitably shared between the States. The State Government of Andhra Pradesh will furnish the list of entities that will be treated as territorial entities; and those that will be treated as state level entities for the purposes of the Act to the Advisory Committee with supporting data in respect of every department to enable the Advisory Committee to ensure accuracy of the classification by the Government.
vii.Under sub-section (5) of Section 9 of the Act, the Grey Hounds and Octopus forces of the existing State of A P shall be distributed between the successor States after seeking the options from the personnel. The State Govt. of AP will give details of the posts and strength of personnel in place in these forces to the Advisory Committee.
viii.All State level posts (non-territorial) in departments would be equitably apportioned between the two States in the ratio of population ratio (58.32 for AP and 41.68 for Telangana) or on the basis of geographic intensity of activity in the two States. The State Government shall determine the departments, State level posts in which are to be apportioned on the basis of geographic intensity of activities of the department, including the rationale and ratio to be adopted for apportionment of posts. The AC shall cross check the accuracy of empirical validation done by the State Government.
ix.The Member Secretary of the General Administration State Reorganization Department shall make available to the Committee all data relating to the cadre-wise, department-wise lists of persons ordered to serve the State of Telangana provisionally by the Central Government including representations there on and decisions thereof.