Representations by and Final Allocation of Employees
20. Representations against tentative allocation may be received and disposed off in the following manner:
i.An employees who feels aggrieved by his tentative allocation, as prepared by the Advisory Committee would be at liberty to submit his representations to the Chief Secretary to the successor State in which he is serving, with a copy to the State Reorganization Department constituted in the State of Andhra Pradesh.
ii.Representation of an employee should be self-contained, clearly indicating the specific points of grievance and should be addressed to the Advisory Committee. The concerned administrative department will offer its views on the representation and forward it to the G A State Reorganization Department of the Government of A P.
iii.The successor State of Andhra Pradesh shall furnish its official comments in the light of the remarks of the administrative department on the representations received keeping in view the law, rules, and orders, and would forward the same for further consideration of the Advisory Committee.
iv.The Advisory Committee will consider the representation of the employees after taking the views of Administrative Department concerned at a meeting attended by the representatives of the two States and the Central Government. The recommendations will thereafter be forwarded to the Central Government with the recommendations of the Advisory committee for taking a final view in the matter.
v.Based on the recommendations of the Advisory Committee, the Central Government
issue final allocation orders under Section 77 of the Act allocating the
employees to either of the States.
vi.The Central Government shall have the power to review any of its orders issued under the Act.
vii.The Member Secretary of the Committee would be responsible for guiding the Advisory Committee in this regard.

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