Guidelines Relating to Allocation of State Services Employees

    1. 1. The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act 2014 was notified on the first of March 2014. The Central Government has, in its notification S O 655 E dated 4th March 2014, specified the second day of June 2014, as the appointed day for the purposes of the Act, when the new State of Telangana and the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh came into existence.
    2. Provisions as to Services
    3. 2.By virtue of the provisions of Section 97 of the Act, Article 371D of the Constitution will continue to remain in force in relation to the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Part VIII of the Act comprising Sections 76 to 83 relates to ‘Provisions as to Services’, Section 76 being on All India Services, and Section 83 on the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission. Sections 77 to 82 are the provisions on the strength of which persons borne on the Andhra Pradesh State cadres shall be allocated to the Successor States.
    4. 3.Section 80 of the Act provides for constitution of Advisory Committees and for issue of allocation guidelines by the Central Government. Accordingly, the Central Government has in its order dated 29th March 2014 constituted an Advisory Committee for the State Government Employees, to delineate objective and transparent criteria for the allocation of personnel belonging to the State Government borne on the existing cadres of different services of Andhra Pradesh between the two States viz., Andhra Pradesh and Telangana; to determine the cadre strength; to recommend specific individual allocation of State Government employees; and to consider any representation made by a State Government employee(s) affected by such allocation, in order to ensure fair and equitable treatment to all and to make appropriate recommendations.
    5. Functions of State Reorganization Department (SRD)
    6. 4. There shall be a State Reorganization Department (SRD), within the General Administration Department, functioning in the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh under the overall guidance of the Chief Secretary to Government. The SRD will be the nodal office for coordinating all matters relating to implementation of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014. A State Coordination Committee comprising the Chief Secretaries of the States
    7. of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and the Secretaries in charge of SRD of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, with the Secretary SR of Andhra Pradesh as the Member-Secretary, who shall not be less than the rank of a Secretary to the State Government, will provide effective support to the Advisory Committee set up under Section 80 of the Act in the discharge of its functions.
    8.  The Department shall be responsible for providing the data base of posts, cadre strength, vacancies, and personnel as on the “appointed day” to the Advisory Committee, together with all material papers including the laws, rules, instructions, seniority lists, and details of disputes in relation to seniority, among others. The department shall also be responsible for submission of proposals relating to the cadre strength of different categories of posts in the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, to secure options from the allocable employees in the continuing State as on the 2nd June, 2014, to receive representations and remarks on cadre strength, publish tentative lists of persons proposed to be allocated to the two States, to receive representations and objections from the affected employees, and to publish the final lists as determined by the Centre, duly liaising with the State Government of Telangana and the Andhra Pradesh Government. The Principal Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh in charge of the GA (SR) Department shall be the Ex-Officio Member Secretary of the AC. He shall provide effective liaison with the Central Government and the AC on the one hand and the Government of Telangana and the various departments of the State of Andhra Pradesh on the other, and be responsible for all service matters pertaining to State Reorganization.

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