Saturday, July 26, 2014


Process of Allocation of Employees
19. The Committee shall follow the procedure herein after mentioned for allocation of employees:
i.All employees would be asked to exercise their options in the prescribed proforma annexed to these Guidelines, and forward their duly filled option forms to the Member Secretary, Advisory Committee, G A State Reorganisation Department, A P Secretariat electronically and through the proper channel indicating their preference for either of the States within two weeks from the date of public notification calling for options.
ii.Letter calling for options shall be given wide publicity through print and electronic media. A copy of the letter shall also be placed in the public domain for wide publicity.
iii.The employees, who are eligible for allocation to either of the successor States as specified above, will submit their option form addressed to the Member Secretary, Advisory Committee through the respective Administrative Departments of the government in which they are working, to the Andhra Pradesh State General Administration State Reorganization Department.
iv.Scrutiny of statements made in the option forms shall be done and factual accuracy of the statements made therein certified by the head of the department under whom the employee is working. The forms so certified shall be delivered to the GA (SR) Department of the A P Government.
v.If no option is received within the prescribed time, or where an employee is willing to be allotted to either of the two States such person shall be allotted based on the other criteria.
vi.Option once exercised cannot be changed under any circumstance.
vii.After the distribution of posts is finalized, the Advisory Committee will draw up, with the help of the departments concerned and the G A State Reorganization Department of A P Government, a Tentative Allocation List for all employees whether they have exercised option or not. The Member Secretary of the Advisory Committee will circulate the Tentative Allocation List to the respective successor State Governments for information of their employees and for submission of representations, if any, by such employees within a period of two weeks from the date of such communication. The GA State Reorganization Department of AP is required to issue the Tentative Allocation List on behalf of the Advisory Committee. The list shall be widely published and circulated inviting representations of employees against their tentative allocation.