Saturday, July 26, 2014


Responsibility of the State Governments
21. The State Reorganization Department of the State of A P shall assist the Advisory Committee and the Central Government in the discharge of their duties under the Act, in consultation with the State Government of Telangana. The GA (SR) Department will ensure submission by every department of a detailed scheme containing complete information required for the purpose of allocation of posts and personnel including details of Institutions exempted under paragraph 14 of the Presidential Order, details of specified gazette categories, multi zonal cadres, and categories of posts exempted under the Order; data on sanctioned posts, with vacancies there in as on the appointed day, in the department; personnel on rolls in every allocable category of post, with full details of
persons allocated
to serve the state of Telangana including full fledged
proposal for allocation of posts,
and fixation of cadre strength of every category of post in
the department
and for final allocation of personnel with all support data, information,
laws, rules, and procedures.

The Advisory Committee in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution will
facilitate the allocation and distribution of personnel in respect of the Subordinate Judiciary and the Legislature Secretariat by the Central Government.