Saturday, October 4, 2014


Rc.101 Dt 4.9.14 Telangana SSA | SSA Telangana-Hyderabad | Telangana State SSA Support to Madarasa Education Programme | Extending Suppert to Madarasas for the year2014-15 | Partial Modifications in the Guidelines Issued.

The attention of all the Project Officers in the state are hereby informed that certain Guidelines were Issued for extending  Support to Deeni Madarasas for the year 2014-15 to impart formal curriculam in the respective districts.
After several representations and interaction in the video conference addressed to the DPOs & Nazims of Madarasas the following Partial Modifications are issued.

  1. Identify the neighbourhood school of GOvt/Local bodies. The Madarasa who seek Support shall be attached to the identified neighbourhood school for monitoring. The Madarasa so attached shall report its enrollment and attendance of students from class I to VIII.
  2. In the place of special training Centres Enrollment of Madarasas  must be supervised by the Headmaster of Neighbourhood Govt school and children attendance must be submitted to the attached school and to DPO monthly after  Attesting from concern Headmaster.
  3. As per new Guidelines DPCs are requested to give notification in daily local News Papers involving the Madarasa for Support for formal curriculam and Applications for Vidhya Volunteers to teach formal curriculam in Madarasas.
  4. For engaging of qualified Vidhya Volunteers in the Madarasas, The service of VVS who qualified and worked during 2013-14 and whose service are satisfactory may be re engaged duly entering new agreement.
  5. If Selection Committee is not yet constituted in any district, it shall be constituted immediately.
  6. Selection Process shall be done by the committee mentioned as per guidelines and the Nazims of the Madarasas may also may also propose the qualified candidates and they shall be taken into consideration  as proposed by the Nazimsof Madarasas after careful verification of the original certificates of the candidates if they are under selection proposed by the Nazims may be engaged in their respective  Madarasa 
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