Monday, October 20, 2014

Rc 513 Children's Day Celebrations in Telangana

14th November 2014 Children's Day Celebrations In Telangana | Conduct of Balala Dinothsavamuna Badilo Aatala Sandadi in Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools and High Schools in the Telangana State Orders Issued.
Govt of Telangana and Scholl ducation Dept has proposed to conduct Sports and Cultural Activity on the occassion of Children's Day i.e 14th November 2014 in Govt ZP Mp Schools.

Sports and Games in the schools should be conducted as Follow
Primary Schools( I-V) :
Boys: Frog relay,Potato game, 50Mtrs Run One leg Hoping Relay 30Mtrs Shuttle run
Girls: Skipping, One Leg hopping relay, lemon and spoon rice Running
Upper Primary School ( VI-VII):
Boys: 100Mtrs Run, 50Mtrs Shuttle run, Kho-Kho Kabaddi
Girls:100Mtrs Run, 50Mtrs Shuttle run, Kho-Kho Kabaddi,Skipping, Lemon Spoon,Tennicoit, Musical Chair etc
High School (VIII-X):
Boys: 100Mtrs Run, Shotput, Long Jump, Volleyball, Kho-Kho,Kabaddi,Softball
Girls: 100Mtrs Run, Shotput, Skipping, Throwball, Tennicoit, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi Musical Chair
The Headmasters of Respective Schools are held responsible to conduct the above events
Click Here to Download the Rc.513 Dt 17.10.2014-Celebration of  Children's Day at Schools