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Employees Health Scheme:
Employees Health Scheme is intended to provide cashless treatment to all the State Government employees including the State Government pensioners, along with their dependent family members through a network of empanelled hospitals of Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, in lieu of the present medical reimbursement system. The scheme will provide treatment in Network Hospitals for all the listed therapies. 


Employees Health Scheme is formulated to provide cashless treatment to the employees, pensioners of the State Government and their dependent family members, which will ipso facto replace the existing medical reimbursement system, with additional benefits such as post-operative care and treatment of Chronic diseases, which do not require hospitalization and treatment in empanelled Hospitals.

The Scheme is intended to benefit Serving employees and Retired employees of the state.

Employee Login Instructions

Government has been operationalizing Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) which will usher in automation of all government processes relating to preparation of budget, release of funds, incurring of expenditure, processing of bills by the DDOs and the Treasuries, preparation of accounts, maintenance of electronic data etc. The Human Resources management System (HRMS) is also included in the CFMS Project, and the HRMS component will automate all processes relating to the entire gamut of monetary and non-monetary entitlements of the employees. In that context Government issued orders in G.O.Ms.334, Finance (SMPC-II) Department, dated: 13.12.2013 directing all the DDOs in the State , to collect the data of all Government Employees online through web based application established by the Finance department portal in order to implement HRMS and issue of Health Cards.
The data furnished as above by the DDOs is being made available to the AHCT by the Finance Department for issue of health cards to the employees and their dependent family members.
During scrutiny of the data, it has been observed that some employees have not uploaded photographs of ‘self' and ‘dependents'. Such employees can login into the web portal www.ehf.gov.in using their employee ID as ‘user ID', and the same user-ID as first time password, in order to upload photographs.
The system also allows the employees to update dependent family members. The procedure for updation of family members is as indicated below:
  1. Photo: Scan a 45 mm x 35 mm ICAO compliant passport size colour photograph of 200 Kb size.
  2. Employee ID/Pensioner ID of spouse in case the spouse is a State Government Employee/ Service Pensioner.
  3. DoB Certificate: Scan the Date of birth certificate of the dependent family member who is less than 5 years of age.
  4. d. Disability Certificate: Scan disability certificate if there is a family member with a disability.

DDO instructions

  1. Step 1: Submit Applications
    1. Login with the user ID of employee or pensioner in their presene.
    2. Submit the applications on behalf of computer illiterate employees/pensioners. Get the data entry done in presence of the employee. All needed documents will be uploaded.
  2. Step 2: Approve Applications
    1. Login with DDO user id and password. Password will be provided to you by your HOD.
    2. Verify the submitted application and compare with Aadhar data of each member, as well as the Service Register of the employee.
    3. If there are minor errors, make corrections.
    4. If there are major errors, reject the application with reasons.
    5. Approve the application after through scrutiny. Note that you are responsible for any unauthorised persons being enrolled as employees or pensioners.
    6. The Sub-Treasury Officer (STO)/Assistant Pension Payment Officer(APPO)will act as the DDO for all pensioners. Necessary validations shall be done by the STO/APPO concerned in the IT portal.
  3. Step 3: Provide Posts Data (before enrolment begins)
    1. List out all the categories of posts that exist in your office along with the number sanctioned.
    2. Provide the Table 5 information at to your District Head (see annexure 2).


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