Friday, November 28, 2014

Proc 937 Meena Radio Prapancham Programme in Telangana

Proc.No.937 Meena Radio Programme for High Schools and Upper Primary Schools in Telangana from 01.12.2014 | Meena Prapancham Radio Programme in Telangana | TSSA, Hyderabad Distance Education Meena Radio Programme

All the Project officers of SSA, TS and District Educational Officers is here by informed that, it is proposed to initiate broadcasting of Meena radio in Telangana State.from 18t December 2014. The program will be broadcast on AIR network on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 11.45 AM-12.00 Noon. Hence you are requested to instruct the MEOs and Headmasters of all high schools and upper primary schools t,O.,..,d organize the Meena Radio class for the students of 6th,7th& 8thclasses. Broadcast schedule
  1. Click here to Download Proc.937 Meena Radio Programme Implementation
  2. Click Here to Download Meena Radio Programme Schedule