Sunday, April 19, 2015

Memo No 5111 Fin Dept Instructions to DTA to Admit Arrear Bills (March Only) upto 25.4.2015 and Regular Bills upto 30.04.2015

Finance Dept- Govt of Telangana State | Memo No 5111-Fin Dept Instructions to DTA,  DTOs and STOs | Fin Dept  Instructions to DTO Regarding Admission PRC Arrear Bills of March-2015 Vide Memo No 5111

Sub: Submission of Contigent Bills ( Arrear Bills) and Salary Bills under Non Plan and Plan Schemes during the month of April 2015-Certain Relaxation Orders Issued

Ref: GO MS No 162 Fin Dept Dt 18.09.1992

Director of Treasuries and Account, Telangana- Hyd,  Pay and Accounts officer, Hyd and Directorate of Works  Accounts are instructed to admit into  audit all contigent bills up to 25.04.2015 and admit Salary bills up to 30.04.2015. This relaxation applicapable only for April 2015 

  1. Click here to Download the Memo No 5111 Dt 17.04.2015 Instructions to DTA from Fin Dept