Saturday, June 13, 2015

CCE Implementation-TS Academic Calendar 2015-16 Time Table

  1. The School Assistants of Physical Science shall take up Mathematics classes for classes VI and VII along with Physical Science subject for classes VIII, IX and X.
  2. The Maths School Assistants shall take up computer classes along with Mathematics subject for classes VIII, IX and X.
  3. With regard to CCE implementation,the internals and externals i.e. FAs and SAs are same for classes VI to X i.e. 20 marks for Formative Assessment and 80 marks for Summative Assessment
  4. With regard to projects,one project for each Formative in each subject may be assigned.The projects may be distributed during the month and not to give all the projects at a time to the students. All the record work/notebooks shall be completed as per the schedule of the Formative Assessments and keep ready for inspection.
  5. Guides, workbooks, study material etc. have been banned vide G.O.Ms.No.17, Dated:14.05.2014 issued as a part of examination reforms.
  6. For effective implementation of internals, the use of library and lab is very much necessary. All the Head Masters of government and private schools shall be informed to make libraries and labs functional and perform the experiments, book reading and reflections, analysis of contemporary social issues as a compulsory activities.

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