Proc 2315-Training to HMs on WASH under Swach Patashala Programme on 13th and 14th June

SSA Telangana Swach Patashala Implementation of WASH in schools-conduct of of assembly constuency wise/Divisional Training on 13th and 14th June, 2015 for all headmasters in the districts.

SSA Telangana has scheduled one day training to all HMs of all Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools in the state in two phases i..e on 13th and 14th June, 2015 at Assembly Constuency/Divisional level  for implementation of WASH programme in all schools in the state under swachh Patashala.

  1. Click here to Download Proc. No 2315 Training on Wash Programme on 13th and 14th June, 2015

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