Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Memo No 2820 Promotions to SGTs as LFL Headmasters in existing vacants

Director of School Education Telangana-DSE Telangana has instructed DEOs in Telangana to give Promotions to SGTs as LFL Headmasters in Existing vacancies.

Promotions for LFL Headmasters

  1. After the Rationalisation and Transfers findout the existing vacancies
  2. DEOs have to give promotions as LFL headmasters equal to vacancies
  3. After the promotions have to give postings as per 1:150 or below 1:150
  4. LFL Headmaster post will be alloted in descending order as per strength
  5. LFL Headmaster will work in the place of SGT
  6. SGT post will be identified as surplus post in the concern school

Click here to Download Memo 2820 Dt 13.07.2015