Tuesday, August 4, 2015

SCERT Video Conference Discussed Points

TS Telangana SCERT State Council for Education Research and Training Academic Calendar Activities implementation of 3Rs

  1.  Follow accademic calendar,
  2. 3Rs Programme Implemented@ all levels by 14th November,2015.
  3. SA Maths & Phy.Sci Teachers must follow accademic Instructions given by C&DSE.
  4. HM must take 8 periods per week(including 1 Subject per week).
  5. Class Room Monitering by HM.
  6. 80% of Written work by Students will be done in school hours during concerned Subject period.Only 20% of work should be given as Home Work.
  7.  For every Lesson Take, 70% of Periods for Teaching & Rest of Periods for Completing Written Work of Students.
  8. Conduct FA1 on time
  9. Upload FA1 marks
  10. FROM CLASS 6- 10th CCE implimented.
  11. Lesson Plans must be written by concerned sub Teachers including PDs/PETs.
  12. No Time Table for FA Exams.
  13. 1). SA.1(Half Yearly Exam): SA.(1) 100 Marks= Average of {FA(1) 20M+FA(2) 20M}+SA(1) 80M
  14. SA(2) Annual Exams(100 Marks)= All 4 FAs marks average+80 Marks for Written Exam of Public Exam.
  15.  6-10 80+20 marks
  16. Any lapses HM will be held responsible.
  17.  School Complex HMs will be strenthened.
  18. Panel Inspections will be done properly.
  19.  Co-Curricular activities periods will be alloted.
  20. * Library & Laboratory should be maintain & periods should be allotted for these.
  21. *Project Works: By the help of Internet and Pasting Paper Cuttings is not a Project.While doing Projects avoid students go to Internet.
  22.  State teams will Visit
  23.  No use of guides and study material.
  24. conduct meetings.
  25.  Prepare action plan
  26. CRPs must visit every school- no teacher should come to MEO,Dy EOs office; MEOs & Dy EOs must moniter their under controle Schools.
  27. HM should monitor class room activities
  28. Students should prepare notes/write answers without using guides
  29.  CCE register will be supplied shortly.