Wednesday, September 16, 2015

TSPSC Recruitment Online Exam Instructions and Mock Test

Instructions to TSPSC Candidates for Online Recruitment Test and Mock Test
TSPSC Recruitment Online Exam Instructions and Mock Test tspsc-recruitment-online-exams-instructions-mock-test

1.        The hall ticket must be presented for verification along with at least one original (no photocopy or scanned copy) valid identification card (for example: Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar-UID, Government Employer ID and Driving License)
2.        This hall ticket is valid only if the candidate’s photograph and signature images are legible. To ensure this print the hall ticket on A4 sized paper using a laser printer, preferably a colour photo printer.
3.        The candidates who do not have clear photographs on the hall ticket will have to bring two passport size photographs for appearing in the Test with an undertaking.
4.        Candidates will be permitted to appear for the examination ONLY after their credentials are verified by centre officials.
5.        Candidates will be subjected to frisking to ensure that you are not carrying any electronic or any other gadgets, mobile/cellular phone, tablets, pen drives, Bluetooth devices, watch, calculator, log tables, wallet, purse, notes, charts, loose sheets or recording instruments strapped on your body or in your pockets.
6.        There may not be a guaranteed security facility for safe-keeping of your valuable devices or personal belongings outside the examination hall.
7.        The check-in procedure inside the test hall includes capturing your image and left thumbprint. This is a security feature which will allow TSPSC to verify your identity and also to check impersonation by any candidate. Therefore, they are advised not to apply any external matters like Mehandi, Ink etc. on their Hands/Foot.
8.        Candidates are allowed inside the test centre from 8:30 AM onwards (for the forenoon session) and from 1:00 PM onwards (for the afternoon session) for identity verification.
9. The test centre gate will be closed at 9:15 AM (for the forenoon session) and at 1:45 PM (for the afternoon session). NO CANDIDATE WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE TEST CENTRE AFTER CLOSING THE GATE.
10.     Candidates will be permitted to occupy their allotted seats 40 minutes before the scheduled start of the examination. Candidates can login and start reading the necessary instructions 10 minutes before the start of the examination.
11.     The total duration of the each examination is 150 minutes for both the sessions. The medium of the test will be English only.
12.     Candidates will not be permitted to leave the examination hall before the end of the examination.
13.     Candidates will be provided a virtual calculator on their computer to do all the calculations for the questions.
14.     Pen and rough sheet will be provided at the examination hall by the invigilator.

15. Candidate should ONLY carry his/her hall ticket and valid identification card(s) inside the test centre and any other belongings will not be strictly allowed inside the test centre.

16.     The candidate must note that his/her admission to the Test is strictly "Provisional".
17.     The mere fact that Hall Ticket has been issued to him/her does not imply that the candidature has been finally cleared by the Commission or that the entries made by the candidate in his/her online application for the Test have been accepted by the Commission as true and correct.
18.     Only those candidates, who are totally blind and who do not have both the upper limbs in the category of orthopedically disabled can use Scribes at the written examination. Candidates who are blind will get extra time of 20 minutes per hour and candidates who do not have both the upper limbs in the category of orthopedically disabled but no extra time is allowed to such candidates.
19.     The scribe provided to the candidate must be a non-graduate and should be from an academic discipline other than that of the candidate.