Saturday, September 3, 2016

GO MS No 106 Recruitment of 19 Commercial Tax Officer Posts through TSPSC Direct Recruitment

TSPSC Direct Recruitment for 19 Commercial Tax Officers Telangana Public Service Commission GO MS No 106 Recruitment of 19 ACTO Posts through TSPSC Direct Recruitment Public Services – Recruitments – Commercial Tax Officers - Filling up  of (19) nineteen vacant posts through Direct Recruitment – Permission to the Telangana State Public Service Commission– Orders –Issued.
GO MS No 106 Recruitment of 19 ACTO Posts theough TSPSC Direct Recruitment
  1. Government of Telangana have reviewed the Direct Recruitment vacancy position in Commercial Taxes Department. After careful examination of the proposal furnished by the Department and keeping in view the actual requirement of manpower with reference to the nature of work and activities of the department and also the overall financial implications, Government hereby accord permission to fill up (19) nineteenvacancies of Commercial Tax Officers through direct recruitment by Telangana State Public Service Commission.
  2. The Secretary, Telangana State Public Service Commission is requested to take necessary steps for filling up of the above vacancies through direct recruitment by obtaining the details, such as local cadres of the vacancies as per the Presidential Order(zone/ district etc.,), roster points, qualifications, etc., from the concerned authorities and for issue of schedule for recruitment and notification by Telangana State Public Service Commission accordingly.
  3. The Revenue Department and the Commissioner of Commercial Taxesshall furnish details of all vacant posts authorized in this order, including the local cadre wise vacancy position, roster points and qualifications, etc., to the recruiting agency immediately under intimation to Finance Department.