Thursday, February 22, 2018

AP SCERT Gnanadhara Summer Residential Remedial Teaching Programme - Details

AP SCERT Gnanadhara Summer Residential Remedial Teaching Programme

Andhra Pradesh State Council for ducation Research and Training AP SCERT is going to conduct Gnanadhara Programme which mean to gice special Residential Remedial Teaching programme to main transition Students with the help of Social Welfare Residential Schools and Tribal welfare Residential Educational Societies in Andhra Pradesh Certain guidelines have been issued for the Academic year 2018-19 by SCERT AP D- Block Ibrahimpatnam Vijayawada ap-scert-gnanadhara-summer-residential-remedial-teaching-programme-content-development

Gnanadhara Summer Residential Remedial Teaching Programme

Certain orders issued by SCERT AP to all DEOs in the State of Andhra Pradesh that in association with Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Depts is planing to conduct a Summer Residential Remedial Teaching Programme Gnanadhara for low performing students who are in the crucial transition period that is from Class V to VI and Class IX to X . Its Planning to continue remediation to such low performing students under GNANADHARA during the Academic year 2018-19

Development of Remedial Content for Gnanadhaara

As part of Gnanadhara programme , a brain stroming workshop was hel as per the progs in the references cited, to decide the way forward. Subsequently it is decided to develop remedial content in pertnership with identified NGOs in the Subject Mathematics Science Telugu and English fo rlow performing students who are entering classes VI and X in AY 2018-19
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