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Land Registration Process in Dharani web Portal Online Slot Booking

 Land Registration Process in Dharani web Portal Online

Telangana Dharani Website to be launched on Dasara festival for land Registration Online through mandal Revenue Offices for the first time. Chief Minister Sree K Chandrashekar Rao will inaugurate the web portal. Chief Secretary has explained in detail about the how it works. Easy slot booking Enter all the details of where you are sitting. Everything from verification to registration is online. Website designed to be understandable to the general public. Photos, Biometric‌ Fingerprints Exchange .. Every inch of land in the state is deposited. The Dharani Portal, which is now eagerly awaited by the people of the Telangana state, is designed to meet the intended goal of transparency. The  25th of this month on Dasara festival  is set to bring a revolutionary step in the history of the state. Technically Dharani Portal‌ is fully ready. Registration trials are currently underway. Dharani will be available to the public from Dussehra with minor changes if required depending on their results. 

How to book a slot for land registration? How are transactions completed at the Tasildar's MRO office? What documents are required? With full details this posting for you

There will be three Parts in the Dharani Web Portal as  follow

Data portal‌

It contains details of all types of lands in the state. It provides comprehensive information on agricultural, non-agricultural and forest lands. Information that will make this portal accessible to the public. So that it is possible to know the details of the land in any corner of the world.

Petitioner‌ Portal‌

The entire process of applying for a land transaction by the land owner or seller, buyers and heirs is on this portal. This section has options ranging from slot booking to challan payment.

Department‌ Portal‌

This is a section visible only to tasildars, dharani operators and other officers. After the petitioner pays the challan, the entire process takes place on the department's portal from the time the application reaches the tasildar's office until the claim documents reach the vendee or vendor.

How to Search Property Details on Dharani Web Portal

  1. Log on Dharani web Portal 
  2. You will find two Tabs Agriculture Non Agriculture
  3. If You Click on Agriculutre then you will go to Land Details Search
  4. You may know the Land Details by entering Pattadar Pass Book Number
  5. If you Enter Non Agriculture then you go to House Property Details
  6. You may know the Property Details by entering Property Tax Identification Number PTID

How to Book Slot for Land Registration Online @Dharani

Logon to

Step 1: When you open the Dharani portal, you will see two options, Agriculture and Non-Agriculture. Click on 'Agriculture'. Six options appear on the next page. The first option is to select the 'Slot Booking for Citizen' option.

Step 2: The phone will receive a password as soon as the mobile number is entered on the Citizen login page. You must enter that password. Then enter the numbers / letters (captcha) in the fields below. Then click on the 'Get OTP' button. The OTP received should be entered in the box provided below.

Step 3: The 'Citizen Dashboard' page will open as soon as the OTP is registered. It has seven options. Applicants for registration should first select the option ‘Application for Registration (Sale / Gift)’. In the next application, select 'Pre-Registration'.

Step 4: In Pre-Registration, in Nature of Deed and Nature of Subdeed, we have to select the option of any type of transaction (Sale / Gift / Partition). Finally the graduate has to enter the passbook (PPB) number. Then click on the 'Fech' button.

Step 5: Property details appear on the PPB number. Details like district, zone, village, account number, owner's name, father's name will come. Then the sub-survey numbers in the survey number and the details of the area under them will appear. Details of how much you want to change in these lands should be entered. You can select more than one survey number at a time. Finally click on Proceed.

Step 6: Subsequent ‘Boundary Details’ require the entry of the four boundaries of the land to be sold. It has options like Educational Institution, Others, Railway, Road, Survey Number, Temple etc. Details of each boundary should be included.

Step 7: On the Seller Details page, details such as Aadhaar number, name (in Telugu), gender and caste of the already registered owner based on the graduate passbook are displayed. Did you then submit the name on the Aadhaar card (in English), Relationship Type, Age, Occupation, Form 60/61? Asks. If not, you will need to enter your PAN card number. The landlord must then enter the full address of the home currently inhabited. Finally click on the Save and Continue button.

Step 8: The purchaser must fill in the details. If you already have a graduate passbook, you need to enter those details. This will reveal the full details of the person. After that all the details should be filled. If the graduate chooses not to have a passbook, all the details found there will have to be entered.

Step 9: Clicking on the Transaction Summary Receipt on the Payment and Transaction Summary page will display all the details that we have entered so far. It also shows how much to pay in relation to the land transaction. After verifying all the details, click on the 'Yes' option and select 'Proceed to Pay'. In case of incorrect registration, go back and enter the details again.

Step 10: Who is paying money on challan‌ page? Seller/ buyer, etc. should choose the option. The seller / buyer details that we have already entered will appear immediately. It shows all the details of how much to pay. Once verified, select the Generate Challan option.

Step 11: In Payment Details .. Check all the details and select the ‘Proceed’ option. Then the payment ‘gateway’ opens. This amount can be taken online or by printing the challan and depositing it directly at SBI Bank.

Step 12: Once the payment is done go back to the ‘Pre-Registration’ page and enter the ‘Witness Details’ (witness details) there. Witness name, Aadhaar number, phone number, address should be entered. There must be at least two witnesses.\

Step 13: Then affidavit-1, affidavit-2, Form 60/61 should be uploaded in the document details. Sample documents are available side by side if desired. They can be downloaded, filled and uploaded. Then select the 'Generate Document', 'Confirm Document' and 'Proceed for Slot Booking' options respectively. All details appearing on this occasion should be verified.

Last Step: Finally go to slot booking option. Here all the details like application type, TXN number, Tasildar office will come automatically. In the adjacent calendar, the slot‌ will appear empty on any date and time. We have to select the convenient time and click on the 'Book Slot' option. Soon the slot will be booked. You can take a printout by clicking on the 'Print Receipt' below.

Once the slot is booked, the application goes to the Dharani Department Portal. Here the Tasildar Com Joint Sub-Registrar, DEO (Dharani Operator) completes the process in different stages.

You must first go to the Dharani Operator (DEO) at the time given for the slot for registration. Biometric (fingerprints) of sellers, buyers and witnesses, photos are taken along with witness details (witness details) are recorded here. Application Registration రిజి / Success‌ / Partition What is meant. Then go to Tasildar. Here the biometric, property and stamp duty details are checked and the registration is approved by assigning a document number. The mutation and signing off record process is then completed.

The buyer and the seller must return to the DEO. This is where both the buyer and the seller print the passbooks and give the registrar the document.

Documents to be issued to Vendor / Vendee

To the Vendor..

  1. Updated pass book (deleted land sold) will be issued.
  2. Mutation‌ Order‌
  3. Transaction Summary Registration and Mutation Document

To the Vendee
  1. Updated passbook (including purchased land) will be issued.
  2. If a person does not have a passbook in that village, a new passbook is printed and given to him. It is sent to the buyer by courier.
  3. Registration‌ Document‌
  4. E-PPB
Search for land details

Citizens will have the opportunity to know any land details in the state here. Based on the district, zone, village and survey number, one can know in whose name the land is located.

Market‌ Value

The market value and stamp duty details as per the survey numbers are displayed.

Once the slot is booked, the information goes in the form of an SMS to the landlord or seller's phone number and the buyer's phone number. It is clear where to go at any given time. Clicking on the link given below will give you the information on which documents are required. Registration will be done as soon as the respective documents, buyer, seller and witnesses go to the tasildar's office on the specified date. The mutation is complete. Claim documents come to hand. The acreage is reduced to that extent from the seller's account and transferred to the buyer's name. If the buyer already has a graduate passbook, the details of the latest purchase land will be recorded in it. Otherwise a new passbook will come.