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TS SCERT Alternative Academic Calendar 2021-22 Download for PS UPS and High School

 TS SCERT Alternative Academic Calendar Download for PS UPS and High School

Telangana State Council for Education Research and Training has released alternative Academic Calendar for Primary Upper Primary and Secondary Classes and Subject wise Syllabus and made available here to Download for you. Download Telangana SCERT Alternative Academic Calendar for 2021-22

Alternative Academic Calendar - 2021-22

Present scenario

In order to cope with the existing scenario in view of Covid -19 pandemic and to meet the challenges ahead there is an urgent need to prepare appropriate strategies for the academic year 2021-22 for providing continuous support for learning among the students with and without access to digital devices involving all the students, parents, community, and all the stakeholders in this pursuit.

Mitigating learning loss - Developing effective home-learning programmes and tracking learning

As schools are not functioning full-fledged for the consecutive second year, there is an urgent need to focus on continuity of learning for all the students using all possible resources..

While we continue our efforts initiated last year, it is to be acknowledged that achieving the learning outcomes and giving basic awareness on the core concepts prescribed for their respective classes stands as a major challenge in front of us. There is an imperative need to have an urgent and appropriate strategy to address this challenge. Hence, SCERT has designed the Alternative Academic Calendar [4 weeks Bridge Course + 2 weeks previous class remedial teaching + 2 weeks Current year syllabus teaching] to suit this purpose for classes III to X along with Assessment.

This Bridge Course Programme is initiated for classes III to X to mitigate the learning gap among the students due to closure of schools. Initially, Bridge Course for 4 levels and for 4 weeks was developed. Thereon class-wise remedial teaching for 5th and 6th successive weeks followed by teaching of current year syllabus for 2021-22 for 7th and 8th weeks were incorporated in Alternative Academic Calendar. Bridge Course levels are

  • Level 1 - Classes 3, 4, 5
  • Level 2 - Classes 6, 7
  • Level 3 - Classes 8, 9
  • o Level 4 - Class 10

The department is implementing the Bridge Course through online mode. Digital lessons for Bridge Course are developed by SIET, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad and are being xii transmitted through Doordharshan and TSAT channels for 4 weeks for 4 levels in three media i.e. Telugu, English and Urdu for all subjects.

The Headmasters shall ensure that all the students watch the digital lessons. Teachers shall ensure that all the students are involved in the assessment given after every 2 weeks to know the progress and the learning levels achieved. For this purpose, various online assessment tools such as Mentimeter, Google forms, Crossword labs, Quizery for the preparation of questions for MCQs, Very Short Answers, Discourse constructions etc. may be used. The role of parents, community, local bodies in addition to teachers has become all the more important to ensure that that there is no learning loss among the children.

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General guidelines for implementing Alternative Academic Calendar for 8 weeks

1. Teachers are advised to call up the parents of the students to apprise them about the conduct of the suggested activities.

2. In case Internet is not available at a student’s home, then teachers can explain to the students/ parents about each activity over the phone, through SMS and Voice Recorded messages. Teacher must continuously ensure that the activity has been conducted, through a follow-up later.

3. In case of availability of Internet and active Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Hangout, Google Mail, Telegram, the teacher can forward the guidelines to parents or even students with a brief explanation.

4. Teachers should stress the point that learner should not in any way be forced to do the activities. Rather, the parents should create an atmosphere conducive to learning, for instance by telling a story or saying “let us play a game.” Parents must also make efforts to participate in all these activities along with the learner.

5. The activities mentioned are suggestive and can be modified based on the availability of the resources and the prior knowledge of the student.

6. Level wise Bridge Course Programme is initiated for the first 4 weeks to mitigate the learning gap among the students due closure of schools and from there class wise bridging the gap for 5th and 6th weeks followed by teaching of current year syllabus.

7. The activities require observant and active questioning on the part of teacher/parent as the student is progressing in the activity.

8. Clear and sufficient verbal and visual instructions are to be given by teachers/parents so that all learners, including Learners with Special needs, are able to follow the activities suggested.

9. Before the teacher begins explaining these activities, he/she must guide/explain to parents / guardians and learners the reasons for and the merits of using this calendar.

Download Alternative Academic Calendar 2021-22

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