Wednesday, June 21, 2023

TS Gruhalakshmi Scheme Eligibility Guidelines GO MS No 25 Released By Telangana Government

 TS Gruha Lakshmi Scheme Guidelines Released By Telangana Government 

The government on Wednesday released the guidelines for the Grulahakshmi scheme. GO MS No 25 has released. It said that the house will be granted in the name of the woman. Beneficiaries are given flexibility to choose their favorite design. While the government approved Grulahkshmi logo will be installed on the house benefited by the scheme, it has been suggested that the concerned family should have a food security card.  The scheme will be implemented under the supervision of the Collectors in the districts and under the supervision of the Commissioner in the GHMC. The government has said in the guidelines that the government will provide financial assistance for the construction of RCC houses with two rooms. ts-gruha-lakshmi-scheme-guidelines-application-form-beneficiaries-list-download

Telangana Gruha Lakshmi Scheme Guidelines 

  1. Telangana Government will give 3 Lakh Rupees with full subsidy in 3 installments to those who have own land to build House under TS Gruha Lakshmi Scheme
  2. Three Thousand beneficiaries will be picked from each Assembly constituency in the state under the supervision of Collectors
  3. Scheme will be allotted to the women in the family
  4. Food Security Card Holders only eligible for the TS Gruha Lakshmi Scheme 
  5. Beneficiaries may build the house as per their own Plan of Construction
Who are Eligible for TS Gruhalakshmi Scheme ?
  • Should be resident of the local village
  • Should own a plot to construct the house under the Scheme of Telangana Grulakshmi 
  • Should be holder of Aadhaar or Voter ID Card with local address 
Who are not Eligible for Telangana Gruhalakshmi Scheme?
  1. Those who are own a house with RCC Slab are not eligible
  2. Those who are beneficiaries under GO MS No 59 are not eligible for TS Grulakshmi Scheme
Norms to Construct the House under Gruhalakshmi Scheme ?

  • Compulsory the house construction plan should be with 2 rooms and a toilet
  • After Completion of basement and up to roof level, photos should be upload in the website