Tuesday, July 15, 2014


School Complex Meetings
v School Complex meetings should be conducted six times during the year 2014 – 15. Out of which 4 meetings should be subject specific meeting for primary and upper primary teachers, as a follow up of 3-day mandal level training and two will be in other subjects, as per the local requirement.
v The subject specific meetings should be during the following months to facilitate the preparation of summative assessment tools at complex level.
o   August 2014 regarding summative – I Question Paper
o   November 2014 – regarding summative – II Question Paper
o   March / April 2014 – regarding summative – III Question Paper
o   The other three meetings will be held during October 2014, December 2014 and February 2014.
v It is proposed that every School Complex H.M will act as a Secretary and a selected R.P will act as Asst. Secretary.
v The meetings during the above mentioned months will be conducted by the Secretary and Assistant Secretary in different schools attached to it on a rotation basis.
v On the meeting day atleast half a day should be allocated for the subject specific training themes of 3-days and the other half day can be allocated for local issues.

I)  Other issues
v  Weekly one library period should be allotted in the time table.
v  November 14th to 21st, 2014, Library week shall be implemented as ‘PATANOTSAVAM’ in all the schools as a part of READ (Read Enjoy and Develop) programme week.
v  Each school has to identify certain days for conduct of local, national and international  festivals, science days, talents  search activities and take necessary steps to conduct the events mainly to enthuse the children.

v  Usage of cell phones should be strictly prohibited during school hours.