Monday, July 7, 2014


  1. The account numbers should be arranged in serial order
  2. The guide letters (i.e. GA, PH, Medl etc.) should invariably be suffixed to the Account Numbers
  3. Reasons for discontinuance of subscriptions should be given (i.e. official “Proceeded on leave”, “Transferred to”_______Office-District, “Quit service, died or discontinued”.)
  4. Against new names in the schedules indicate whether he is a new subscriber/transferred from _______Office-District et.
  5. The total of the schedule should be struck and written both in figures and words. Pagewise totals should also be furnished.
  6. Month of recovery should be clearly indicated.
  7. Schedules should be prepared neatly, legibly and separately for class IV employees in the form prescribed.
  8. Correct Classification should be recorded on schedules, challans and debit vouchers.
  9. Subscriptions, refunds towards TAs should be separately indicated. Refunds should be supported by installments and the amount of loan outstanding.
  10. Original authorizations should be enclosed to Debit Vouchers of Final Payment Cases.
  11. The challans should contain the details for the amounts remitted thereon or overleaf instead of enclosing a separate sheet.
  12. 11 digit code should be recorded in schedules. Telephone number/ Mobile number of the DDO will help contacts to resolve discrepancies.
  13. TA / PFW sanction orders should invariably attached to the debit vouchers.
  14. There should not be any overwriting on the debit vouchers.
  15. Payments on Booster scheme should be made along with GPF Payments.
  16. Classification of Booster Scheme payments should be recorded correctly – Major Head …. Social Welfare.
  17. Employee ID should be furnished in schedules and debit vouchers.
  18. Pay as on 31st March of the preceding year should be furnished.