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Vocational Education provides the students with a pathway to employment through their development of specialized knowledge and saleable skills.
Short Term Vocational Certificate Courses of Three months, Six months and One year duration are being introduced in the disciplines of Agriculture, Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, Business & Commerce, Home Science and Humanities, with the objective of providing training to SSC failed/passed students or candidates who are interested in acquiring job oriented skills and wish to join the world of work, to enable them to earn their livelihood. 
Vocational Education provides the students with a pathway to employment through their development of specialized knowledge and saleable skills. The instruction gives emphasis mainly to the development of basic manipulative skills, technical knowledge and occupational information. 
Vocational courses provided through collaborative arrangements with the relevant professional institutions give lots of emphasis on on-the-job training. These valuable methods bridge the gaps between school and employment and give the student the opportunity to earn while learning.
The major objective of each course is to provide student an opportunity to acquire functional skills, desirable work habits that will enable them to be the productive members of the community and society.

Any Private Institution / NGO having good track record in the field of providing training and having required infrastructure can start these Short Term Vocational Courses with the approval from the State Institute of Vocational Education, after they satisfy the norms prescribed herein. 
Application forms can be obtained from the concerned District Vocational Educational Officers or from the office of the Director of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad by paying Rs. 100/- through Demand Draft in favour of Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh, Nampally, Hyderabad or can be down loaded from BIE website at: under “vocational courses” pages
At the time of filing application the institute should provide information on class room infrastructure, On the Job Training linkage, faculty, Society registration or Certificate of incorporation, track record in the field of training opted for and tie up for placements of trained candidates.
Maximum number of sections permitted for any institution will be 9 only, of different durations. A minimum of two courses should be offered from different disciplines.
The filled in application along with all enclosures should be submitted to the concerned District Vocational Educational Officer before the prescribed date. An Inspection Fee of Rs.500/= in case of Rural area and Rs. 1000/= in case of an Urban area, in the form of a demand Draft in favour of the Secretary, BIE in any Nationalized Bank, payable at Hyderabad is to be enclosed.
List of Courses
  1. Crop Production & Management (C.P & M)
  2. Dairying (Dairy)
  3. Fisheries (Fish)
  4. Sericulture (Seri)
  5. Horticulture
  6. Seed production technology
  7. Soil science plant protection
  8. Water shed management soil conservation 
  1. Accounting Taxation (A&T)
  2. Marketing Salesmanship (M&S)
  3. Office Assistantship (O.A)
  4. Banking Financial Services (B.F.S)
  5. Insurance Marketing (I&M)
  6. Basic financial services
  7. Export-import practices & Documentation
  8. Office management
  9. Industrial management
  10. Purchasing Store keeping
  1. Automobile Engineering Technician (A.E.T)
  2. Construction Technology (C.T)
  3. Computer Science & Engineering ( C.S.E)
  4. Electronics Engineering Technician (E.E.T)
  5. Electrical Wiring & Servicing of Electrical Appliances (E.W&S.E.A)
  6. Rural Engineering Technician (R.E.T)
  7. Water Supply & Sanitary Engineering (W.S&S.E)
  8. Desktop Publishing & Printing Technology (D.T.P. & P.T.)
  1. Commercial Garment Designing & Making (C.G.D&M)
  2. Fashion & Garment Making (F&G.M)
  3. Hotel Operations (H.O)
  4. Pre-School Teacher Training (P.S.T.T)
  5. Health care & Beauty culture
  6. Catering & Restaurant management
  7. Institutional House keeping
  1. Computer Graphics & Animation (C.G.A)
  2. Tourism & Travel Techniques (T.T.T)
  3. Commercial Art
  1. Dental Technician (D.T)
  2. Dental Hygienist (D.H)
  3. Medical Lab Technician (M.L.T)
  4. Multipurpose Health Worker (M) (M.P.H.W) (M)
  5. Ophthalmic Technician (O.T)
  6. Physiotherapy (P.T)
  7. X-Ray Technician (X-R.T)
  8. Multipurpose Veterinary Assistant (M.P.V.A)
  9. Multipurpose Health Worker (F)(NEW) (M.P.H.W ) ( F) (NEW)
  10. Clinical Assistant
  11. Hospital Administration
  1. Mathematics
  2. Physical Sciences (Physics & Chemistry)
  3. Biological Sciences (Botany & Zoology)
  1. Mathematics
  2. Physical Sciences (Physics & Chemistry)
  3. Biological Sciences (Botany & Zoology)
  4. Physical Sciences Practical
  5. Biological Sciences Practical
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