Sunday, September 7, 2014


APSSA-GRANTS UTILISATION GUIDLINES OF CLUSTER RESOURCE CENTRE AND SCHOOL COMPLEX GRANTS FRO 2014-15.School Complex Grants Utilisatio Guidlines for 2014-15,Guidlines of CRC Grants 2014-15

Guidlines For Utilisation of CRC Grants for 2014-15:
The SPD has informed that an amount of Rs.22,000/- for School Complex Grants and meeting TA have been approved in Annual Work Plan and Budget for this Academic year 2014-15. The State Project Director,Andhra Pradesh,SSA-Hyd has issued certain instructions to release an amount of Rs.22,000/- towards Cluster Resource Centre Grants for year 2014-15

Cluster Resource Centre (CRC) Grants for 2014-15

  1. Contingency Grants-Rs.10,000/-
  2. Meeting and TA GRant-Rs.5,000/-
  3. TLM Grant-Rs.7,000/- Per Annum

Contingence Grant-Rc.10,000/-

  1. Maintenance of ROTs
  2. Procurement of Registers,Records,Stationary etc...,
  3. Teachers' reference books as per the list communicated by SPO.
  4. Purchase of Educational CDs
  5. Providing Tea & Snacks to the participants.
  6. Postage and xerox.
  7. Requirements for School Complex Meetings.
Meeting and TA Grant-Rs.5,000/-
  1. Conveyance for School visit to the School Complex HM @ Rs.500/- per month-Rs.5000/- per anum(Minimum under schools once in amonth) subject to furnishing of schools report to DPO/DEO.
  2. Other items any as per requirement from the savings of the items
  3. Schhol Monitoring.
  4. Review with Headmasters of Primary and Upper Primary Schools
TLM Grant Rs.7,000/-
  1. Procurement of Material for preparation of TLM in the School Complex Meetings
  2. Procurement of Permanent TLM
  3. Purchase of Educational Magazines
  4. Other contigingence if any to meet from the savingsof the above itmes
  5. Requirement in School Complex Meetings