Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Rc.27 APSSA guidlines  to develop Summative-I question papers at School Complex level

Guidlines to be Followed while preparing Summative question Papers at School Complex level

  1. Should follow the Model Summative-I question papers communicated by SPO
  2. Should conduct Complex meeting to develop question papers
  3. Should finalise the question papers by making necessary changes into consideration of local dialect and language without any deviation of CCE norms prescribed by SCERT
  4. Each cluster should take up printing separately by observing absolute honesty minimizing expenditure
  5. Project Officers should support the printing charges from the training budget available at cluster level
  6. Amount shall be released to respective clusters based on requirement
  7. One set of question papers should be furnished to SPO for examination
Printing Norms of Question Papers:
  1. The printing of the question papers shal be under taken by school complex HMs duly involved the SMC of the school where the School complex is located
  2. The HM and SMC shal call for quotations meeting the following specifications
  3. The quotation shall be open in SMC meeting and lowest quotation shall be finalised.
  4. The school wise indent may be procured by school complex HM to place order
  5. After recieving the question papers School Complex HM shoul make necessary arrangements to distribute the them
  6. The unit cost per child shall not exceed Rs.2.50
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Rc.27 Dt 02.09.2014-Guidlines to Develop SA-I Question Papers