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Deputation of  Teachers in AP for Work Adjustment | AP Teachers deputation for work adjustment | AP Govt has decided to depute teachers for work adjustment | Providing of Subject teachers to need schools on Deputation basis in AP | Instructions to Depute Subject Teachers in AP to need schools-Orders Issued


Rc.No. 25/Esst-2-1/2014                                                                                                                                                            Date:20/10/2014

Sub: school Education-Providing of subject teachers in needy Schools on
            work adjustment-Instructions issued-Reg.
         Read:  1. G.O.Ms. No.55 Education(Ser.III) Department, Dated: 23.04.2011.
                    2. G.O.Ms.No.61 Education (Ser.III) Department, Dated: 23.04.2011.
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  1. The Regional Joint Directors of School Education are informed that the preliminary exercise of Rationalization was taken up by them during June of this year as per the norms reveals that there are 1,906 English Medium High Schools which are having less then the strength of 100 in the State and there are 15,766 surplus teachers and 34,908 deficits teachers in the state. The net surplus arrived at 1,193 and net deficit is 20,335 and there is a need to take up the rationalization exercise as per the provisional’s of Right To Education Act 2009. And also as per the orders issued by the Government in G.O.Ms. No. 55 Education, Dated: 23.04.2011 & G.O. Ms. No. 61 Education Dated: 16.05.2011
  2. Further, They are informed that it is always endeavor of the Department to ensure quality of the Education to the Children to achieve better results.
  3. As per Right To Education Act(RTE) 2009 it should be ensure that the teacher pupil ration as specified is maintained in each school. In terms of Government Orders in the reference cited.
  4. In Order to ensure the availability of subject teachers in schools to continue regular instructions and in the interest of school children the following instructions are issued to provide teachers on work adjustment basis on temporary basis.

Identification of surplus of Teachers.    
I)            the junior most teacher in the seniority in category working in the school shall be identified as surplus teachers. In case senior teachers prefer to leave the school senior teachers shall be identified as surplus.
II)           The Teachers identified as surplus shifted to needy school in the previous of rationalization exercise. Need not be shifted again in the present work in the adjustment basis.
III)         If a Teacher was transferred and not put in two years service and whose post is now rendered surplus. Such Teachers shall not be identified for work adjustment. Instead, Other Teacher who have completed two years shall be identified. 
IV)          If a teacher transferred during the transfer during the transferred counseling held in 2013 and is not relieved yet. Even his post is identified as surplus such teachers may be retained in the same place.

 Identification of vacancies:
a. Identify the schools where the teachers are rendered surplus.
b. Identify the schools where the teachers are deficit.
c. Identify the school which require the teachers completely based on priority
    The backward mandals shall get sufficient teachers.’
d. List out all the surplus teachers.
e. Prepare the District wise seniority list of teachers identified surplus.
f. Vacancies in Teacher less schools.
g. Priority shall be given to the vacancies where there is no teachers as per
    Subject requirement.  
h. After the following the above priorities, number of vacancies equal to the number of identified surplus teachers shall be provided on work adjustment basis.

Surplus Teachers identified shall be provided on work adjustment basis as per requirement on the basis of seniority by the district level committee.

  (4) district level committees for providIng teachers on work adjustment:

(a) collector/Joint Collector-Member
(B) Chief Executive Officer, Z.P.-Member
(c) District Educational Officer -Member-Secretary

(i)              The District Educational Officer concerned shall be competent Authority to issue orders to all the teachers working in the Govt/ZPP/MPP Schools after approval by the Committee.

(5) criteria for providing of teachers on work adjustment:
a. Those who are identified as surplus teachers as on 01.10.2014 shall be deputed.
b. Working adjustment shall be effected from within the management within agency area and within Plain Area.

     Further, It is informed to all the District Educational Officers that the deputation shall be made on Work Adjustment Basis and their salaries shall paid from the schools where they are working at present.
     The above instructions should be followed scrupulously. And the District Educational Officer and Regional Joint Directors of School Education shall complete the process for working arrangement and issue orders to teachers immediately after complete of Janmabhoomi, Mana vooru and see that no high school/PS/UPS suffers with lack of teachers.

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                                                      Sd/- V. USHA RANI.
Commissioner of School Education.

All The Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State.
Copy submitted to Principal Secretary to Government, School Education Department for information.

                                  //true copy attested//

                                                              JOINT DIRECTOR (SERVICES)