Proc.1646 Education Day Celebrations | Education Day Celebrations on the Occassion of Dr.Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad | National Education Day Celebrations on 11th November |
National Educatoin Day Celebrations on the Occassion of India's First Education Minister, Dr.Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad Birth Day | Telangana SSA, Hyderabad – One day celebration of National Education Day on 11/11/2014 on the eve of birth day of Sri.Abu Kalam Azad, first Minister of Education in the Indian Government         

Proc.Rc.No.1646/CMO/T8/2014,                                     Dt: 07.11.2014 

Sub: Telangana SSA, Hyderabad – One day celebration of National
         Education Day on 11/11/2014 on the eve of birth day of Sri.Abul
         Kalam Azad, first Minister of Education in the Indian Government           –  Reg.

All the under mentioned Officers in the State are informed that, as per the approved AWP&B 2014-15, National Education Day Celebrations are scheduled to be held on 11.11.2014 with an objective emphasis on the importance of education in General and for a developing country like India in particular. Especially, in a State like Telangana needs a special focus on its education because the recent survey enlightens us on educational statistics as follows:
1.      Telangana State Literacy Rate         –  66.46%
2.      Male Literacy Rate                         –  74.95%
3.      Female Literacy Rate                      –  57.92%
4.      Rural Literacy Rate             –  57.25%
5.      Urban Literacy Rate                       –  81.09%
The schedule of the programme is expected to be on the following lines.
1.      Advt. in Mass Media
2.      Arranging the Rallies
3.      Arranging the speeches on the occasion by the educationalists
4.      Printing & distributing the pamphlets etc.
They are therefore requested to devise and implement a schedule for better propagation of need of education in the State and celebrate National Education Day throughout the State on 11.11.2014   on the eve of birth day of Sri.Abul Kalam Azad,first Minister of Education in the Indian government and submit a Brief Report to the State Office.
The expenditure incurred, may be debited to National Education Day Celebrations as per the norms.
            the DEOs in the State All the POs of SSA in the State  all the Collector & Chairman,            SSA in the State for necessary action
Copy to all the Sectoral Officers of this Office with a request to participate in the National Education Day Celebrations  at the time of their visits in the districts on 11.11.2014 .

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