Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Maths Day Celebrations in Schools-Certain Instructions

Maths Day Celebrations in Telangana State Govt Schools Ceratin Instructions. Maths Day Celebrations in School level and  Mandal Level.

Programmes Details
On 20.12.2014 School level Programmes 
At School level Competitons should be conducted at 3 stages

  1. For classes II,IV,V
  2. For classes VI,VII
  3. For class VIII

Sreenivasa Ramanujam Services for Maths

  1. Mental Ability in Maths (Oral)
  2. Maths Puzzles
  3. Maths Quiz
  4. Reasoning Maths

School level Winners and Runners will go to Mandal level
Mandal level also should conduct same activities upto Afternoon.
In the afternoon Maths Day Celebrations shal follow
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