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NCTE Norms on B.Ed Course extending for Two Academic Years

National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has released Regulation with No.F.51-1/2014-NCTE on 28th Nov 2014 which is called as "National Council for Teacher Education (Recognition Norms and Procedure) Regulations 2014 (NCTE Regulations 2014)". These NCTE Regulations are applicable to all Teacher Education Programmes. According to the Regulation of NCTE, the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.,) Regular Course will be of 2 Years and Diploma of Education (D.Ed.,) Course will be of 2 Years duration. The Distance B.Ed., will be of 2 Years Duration. This Regulations come in force from the date of publication in the Official Gazette. Details of the Regulations are given below.

NCTE Regulations 2014: Regular B.Ed. Course 2 Years from 2015

Appendix-4 of the NCTE Regulations 2014 in brief is as follows:
Norms and Standards for bachelor of education programme leading to the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Degree
The Bachelor of Education programme, generally known as B.Ed., is a professional course that prepares teachers for upper primary or middle level (classes VI-V III), secondary level (classes IX-X) and senior secondary level (classes X I-XII). The programme shall be offered in composite institutions as defined in clause (b) of regulations 2.

2.1 Duration
  1. The B.Ed. programme shall be of a duration of two academic years, which can be completed in a maximum of three years from the date of admission to the programme. 
2.2 Working Days
  1. (a) There shall be at least two hundred working days each year exclusive of the period of examination and admission. 
  2. (b) The institution shall work for a minimum of thirty six hours in a week (five or six days), during which physical presence in the institution of all the teachers and student teachers is necessary to ensure their availability for advice, guidance, dialogue and consultation as and when needed. 
  3. (c) The minimum attendance of student-teachers shall have to be 80% for all course work and practicum, and 90% for school internship.
Eligibility for B.Ed.,
  1. Candidates with at least fifty percent marks either in the Bachelor's Degree and/or in the Master's Degree in Sciences/Social Sciences/ Humanity, Bachelor's in Engineering or Technology with specialization in Science and Mathematics with 55% marks or any other qualification equivalent thereto, are eligible for admission to the programme. 
  2. (b) The reservation and relaxation for SC/ST/OBCIPWD and other categories shall be as per the niles of the Central Government I State Government, whichever is applicable.

NCTE Regulations 2014: Regular D.Ed. Course 2 Years from 2015

Norms and standards for diploma in elementary teacher education programme leading to Diploma in Elementary education (D.El.Ed).
  1. 1.1 The Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) is .a two year professional programme of teacher education. It aims to prepare teachers for the elementary stage of education, i.e. classes I to VIII. The aim of elementary education is to fulfill the basic learning needs of all children in an inclusive school environment bridging social and gender gaps with the active participation of the community. 
  2. 1 .2 The elementary teacher education programme carries different nomenclatures such as BTC, J.B.T, D.Ed. and (Diploma in Education). Henceforth, the nomenclature of the programme shall be the same across all states and it shall be referred to as the 'Diploma in Elementary Education'(D.El.Ed).
2.1 Duration 
  1. The D.El.Ed. programme shall be of a duration of two academic years. However, the students shall be permitted to complete the programme within a maximum period of three years from the date of admission to the programme.
  1. (a) Candidates with at least 50% marks in the higher secondary (+2) or its equivalent examination are eligible for admission. Reservations and relaxations applicable.

NCTE Regulations 2014: Open and Distance B.Ed. Course 2 Years from 2015

  1. The Bachelor of Education programme, generally known as B.Ed., is a professional programme that prepares teachers for upper primary (classes Vl -VIII), secondary (classes IX-X) as well as senior secondary (classes XI-XII) levels. 
  2. The Bachelor of Education programme (B.Ed.) in ODL (Open and Distance Learning) mode, is a professional programme for in-service teachers, a second degree in teacher education, primarily intended for upgrading the professional competence of working teachers in the upper primary, secondary schools and senior secondary level who have entered the profession without formal secondary teacher training. It aims at preparing in-service teachers for the secondary stage of education, in accordance with the notifications of the NCTE with regard to minimum qualifications for recruitment as a teacher. The programme shall use blended learning modality for design, development and delivery of the programme.
Eligibility of Institutions
  1. The institutions or academic u n its specially established for offering ODL programmes like the National Open University, State Open Universities a nd the Directorates / School of Open and Distance Learning in UGC­ recognized Universities shall be eligible to offer this teacher education programme. (The Deemed to be Universities, Agricultural, Technical or all ied Universities, which specialize in a field other than teacher education and other discipline specific Universities/Institutions, a re not el igi ble to offer teacher education programme through ODL).
  1. The duration of the programme shall be of two academic sessions/years. However, students shall be permitteded to complete the programme within a maximum period of five years. The commencement and completi on of the programme shall be so regulated that two long spells of vacation (summer/ winter/staggered) are available to the learners for guided /supervised instruction and face-to-face contact sessions. The programme can also be sandwiched between two summer vactions for face-to-face interaction (beside learners' self-study at their choice and pace).
4.1 Eligibility
The following categories are eligible to be students of B.Ed.(ODL):
  1. (i) Trained in-service teachers in elementary education.
  2. (ii) Candidates who have completed a NCTE recognized teacher education programme through face-to face mode.
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