Tuesday, January 6, 2015

IRI Radio Lessons Guide to Teachers

Radio programmes are and being broadcast from 1stDecember 2014, between 11:00
AM to 11:30 AM through All India Radio. They are aware that the Radio Lessons are useful
for regular attendance of the children and improvement of the children's performance in the classI:oom.

Further, the Project Officers are informed that, the Radio Lessons are developed based
on New Textbooks. In this regard, the Radio Lessons teacher guide for 40 lessons is provided
for teachers reference while broadcasting the programmes. The teacher guide includes pre,
during and post activities of the programmes.40 radio lesson teacher
guide to Primary and Upper Primary schools. The teacher guide should be sent to all MEOs
through their e-mail and inform to provide teacher guide to all Primary and Upper Schools in
their mandals

  1. Click Here to Download Proc No.1982
  2. Click Here to Download Schedule of January-2015
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