Wednesday, February 25, 2015

School Complex Meetings Schedule for Feb'2015 in Ranga Reddy Dist

Proc No.1275 Dt 24.02.2015-TSSA Ranga Reddy Dist-Pro. Rc.No.1275/A3/SSA/RR/15               Dt: 24. 02.2015 TSSA-RR Dist- Pedagogy wing –School Complex Meeting in February 2015-Reg.

The Academic Year 2014-15 School Complex Meetings shall be conduct six times. Out of which four meetings are subject specific meetings for Primary and Upper Primary Teachers and two Teleconferences.

As already the School Complex were reconstituted all mandal in the Districts it will be appropriate to conduct the school complex meetings before conduct of summative assessment III, which helps the teachers to have discussions in preparation of summative test papers. It also helps to review the implementation of LEP-3Rs programme and other activities in the Schools. In this regard School Complex meetings for Primary and Upper Primary Level shall be conduct in February 2015.

Therefore as part of the School Complex meeting to be conduct in this month from 25-2-2015 to 28-2-2015, the following agenda shall be discussed.

Agenda of The School Conplex Meetings

  1.                      Review on LEP-3Rs, Implementation and follow up measure for
  2.                      Improvement of quality among the students.
  3.                      Discussion of SA-II Exam performance of the Students.
  4.                      Discussion & preparation of Summative Question Paper III.
  5.                      School Complex HM observation on school visits.
            Every School Complex HM will act as Secretary and one of the Head Master or Teacher of under Schools will act as an Assistant Secretary (Primary School) and conduct the meeting. The minutes of the meeting should be recorded in the minutes register.