Sunday, March 8, 2015

SSC Exams-2015 Proformas to be Maintained by Centre and DO Diary

SSC Public Exams-2015 Proformas | SSC Public Exams-2015 Chief Superindents and Departmental Officers | Proformas to be Maintained by Centre and DO 

IMPORTANT REGISTERS TO BE MAINTAINED :: ------------------------------------------------- 1. Question Paper Account Register ( to be maintained by Dept.Officer) 2. Question Paper Deposit & Withdrawal Register 3. Police Station Register ( Daily Q.P Set No. to be noted) 4. Staff Attendance Register. 5. Absentee Statement Register. 6. Bundles Depatch Register(Post Office work) 7. Visitors Register. 8. Answer Scripts & Bar Code Sheet Register ( Used / Unused details) 9. Mal Practice Case (M.P Case) Register IMPORTANT PROFORMAs / DOCUMENTS TO BE PRESERVED Useful before Exam 1.Examination Letters (6) to S.I,Tahasildar,M.E.O, Medical Officer,APSRTC & Post Office 2.Releiving Orders 3.Figure Statement ( Day, Subject & medium wise) 4.Q.P Deposit & Withdrawal proforma 5.Instructions to Invigilators Useful During Exam 1.Exam Staff ID Cards 2.Seating Plan 3.Room-wise attendance Sheets (Student) 4.Bundle Slips 5.Bundle title page 6.Consolidated Absentee statement 7.M.P Case Proforma 8.M.P Case booking letter to J.S,BIE,A.P 9.Post Office Booking Proforma 10.Annexure-I,II,III (Answer Books) >>Useful After Exam<< 1.Post –Examination material submission Letter to RIO 2.Attendance & Acquittance for Remunerations 3.Exam. Bill Proforma (A.B.C) 4.T.A & D.A Bill form 5.Workdone Statement 6.Conveyance Allowance 7.Remuneration rates, admissible, scale of appointment 8.Bill submission Covering letter to J.S (Accounts ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tools & Techniques.....leads to Success

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