Friday, April 17, 2015

AP and Telangana PRC RPS-2015 Certain Entries to be made in SRs of Indivisual after PRC Fixation

AP and Telangana PRC RPS-2015 | PRC Fixation in AP and Telangana in RPS-2015 | Certain Entries to be Made in Indivisual SRs | Format for certain entries in SR about PRC Fixation in AP Telangana

Telangana State Employees and Teachers are waiting for PRC Fixation as they got almost all GOs to gohead for Fixation. We are observing that in Finance Dept so many employees are getting PRC RPS 2015 Fixation by their DDOs. We wish to get PRC Fixation Soon for all of us. After getting fixation by our DDOs (GHM/MEO) they have to make some entries in our Service Books. Here is the format

Pay  Fixation Under RPS-2015
In terms of GO (P) No 25/Finance (HRMIV) Dept Dt: 18-03-2015, the incumbent has opted to come under the TSRPS-2015 w.e.f_____________(Option date / Date of Increment). His/Her Pay fixed at Rs.__________________ in the Revised Pay Scales of Rs.______________________in the catagory of______________________________________________

The Details are Shown Below:
Basic Pay as on________________:Rs____________________
DA @ 63.344%                               :Rs____________________
Fitment @ 43%                               :Rs____________________
Total Emoluments                           :Rs____________________
Pay Fixed in RPS, 2015                   :Rs____________________
 The Pay of the Incumbent after the option date is regulated as follow:
Existing Scale
Revised Scale
Date of Increment
Pay Fixed Due to AGI

Vide Proc Rc. no______________Dated:_______of__________________