Tuesday, April 7, 2015

GO MS No 33 Telangana Pensioners PRC RPS-2015 Orders Issued

Telangana Pensioners PRC GO Issued | Revised Pay Scales for Pensioners GO MS No.33 Issued | GO MS No.33 Dt 07.04.2015 RPS-2015 Pensioners PRC Orders Issued | Telangana State Govt Finance Dept has Released GO MS No 33 Regarding Pensioners PRC

PENSIONS - Sanction of Consolidated of Pension/Family Pension to Pensioners retiredin the pre-revised scales of Pay, 2015 - Enhancement of Financial Assistance- Enhancement of Minimum Pension to Pensioners & Family pensioners - Orders- issued.

These orders are applicable to:

All Government Pensioners governedby A.P. RevisedPension Rules, 1980.
(i)Who retired or died prior to 01.07.2013.
(ii)Thosewhoretiredordiedbetween01.07.2013and 01.06.2014w ithoutthebenefitofRevisedPayScales,2015.
(iii)Thosewhoretiredpriorto01.01.1996drawingUGC pay scales and whose pension wasordered to be consolidated in the light of orders issued in G.O (P) No.95 Finance (Pen.I) Department dated 01.08.2000.
(iv)Provisional Pensioners and Anticipatory Pensioners.

Aftercarefulconsiderationoftheabove recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission, Government havedecidedto acceptthesame andhereby order as follows.

(a) TheexistingPension/FamilyPension,inrespectofthoseretiredor died while in service prior to 01.07.2013 and also in the case of familypensionerswhoareinreceiptofFamilypensionason1.7.2013,beco nsolidated,byadding43%offitmentbenefitonthe said basic Pension/ basic Family Pension and by merging the Dearness Relief @ 63.344% admissible as on 01.07.2013 and the same shall be known as Revised ConsolidatedBasicPension/ Revised Consolidated Basic Family Pension.
(b)This Revised ConsolidatedBasicPension or Revised ConsolidatedBasicFamily Pension shall come into force witheffectfrom01.07.2013 notionallyandthemonetarybenefitbeallowedwitheffectfrom02.06.2014
(c)NodifferenceonRetirementGratuity/Encashmentof Earned Leave shall be allowedin case of employees who retired between01.07.2013and01.06.2014.
(d)As regards the arrears on account of consolidation of Pension/Family pension / Financial Assistance from 02.06.2014 to 28.02.2015, orders will be issued separately. The consolidated Pension/FamilyPension shall be paid in cash from the month of March 2015 payable in the month of April 2015.

.Government also hereby order further payment of Dearness Relief on the Revised Consolidated Basic Pension/ Revised Consolidated Basic Family Pension as well as on the Pension/ Family Pension fixed with reference to the pay drawn in the Revised Pay Scales 2015 at the rates applicable from time to time with effect from 01.01.2014, 01.07.2014 as indicatedbelow.
Date of effect
Rates of
Revised rates of Dearness

Dearness Relief


sanctioned by the


Government of India.


10%(90-100) )


7% (100-107)