Monday, April 20, 2015

Nalgonda Dist DSC wise Merit Lists for DSC Rank Purpose For Nalgonda Teachers

DSC Merit Lists | Nalgonda Dist DSC wise Merit Lists | DSC wise Merit Lists of Nalgonda Dists for Rank Purpose DSC-1998, DSC-2000, DSC-2001, DSC-2002, DSC-2003, DSC-2008 and DSC-2012

Generally School Education Dept of Telangana State is frequently asking to Upload Teachers Particulars Online with full details. Then teachers have to upload Personal details, Qualification Particulars, Appointment Particulars and so many. In Appointment Particulars DSC Rank we have to give. So Many teachers are not able to give DSC Ranks. So For Nalgonda Teachers we are providing DSC wise Merit Lists for their sake with Courtesy of -Our Sincere thanks to Mr. Bakka Srinivas Chary

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