Thursday, April 16, 2015

Proc 405 Study on Examination Reforms of IX and X Classes By DSE Telangana-Hyd

DSE Telangana, Hyderabad |Directorate of School Education, Telangana Hyd |  Educational Reforms-Study on Examination Reforms CCE Formative and Summative Assesment | Study on Examinations in Telangana Govt Schools and Private Schools in Telangana

State teams are going to conduct a study on Educational Reforms in Telangana. Espacially on IX and X classes Examination System. Upto IX class CCE is being implemented and Formative Assesments Marks are Awarded(20%) to X class students at School Level only. The team is going to observe on Anouncement of Results and Evaluation of Public Examinations in Telangana. The teams will visit 5 Govt schools and 5 Private Schools in the State in every District and will go through how the teachers awarded the marks for Formative Assesments in each subject.

Issues to be Obsrved:

  1. Conduct of Examination, Evaluation, giving answer scripts to students, completion of Cumulative Records, Conduct of Formative Assesment and Anouncement of Annual Results
  2. Awarding of FA Marks to X class students
  3. Study on Answer scripts at Tenth Spot valuation Centres in District
  4. Click here to Download Proc.No 405 Dt 15.04.2015-DSE Telangana Study on Examination Reforms for IX and X classes