Thursday, April 9, 2015

Telangana PRC RPS-2015 First Fixation @43% Fitment in Telangana State

Telangana PRC RPS-2015 Fixation | Telangana State Pay Revision Commission 2015 Fixation at 43% Fitment | Pay Revision Commission-2015 of Telangana State Model Fixation |Establishment – Gazetted – Revision of pay scales – Fixation of pay of Sri S.S. Sudhakar, Section Officer in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 – Orders – Issued.


Read the following:
1.G.O.Ms. No.25, Finance (HRM.IV) Department dated.18.03.2015.
2.Circular Memo. No.68/1/A1/HRM.IV/2014, Dated:04.04.2015.
3.Option of Sri S.S. Sudhakar, Section Officer, dated.07.4.2015.
O R D E R:

In pursuance of the orders issued in the G.O. first
read above,
instructions issued in the reference second read above and the
option of Sri
S.S. Sudhakar, Section Officer submitted vide reference third read above, his pay is hereby fixed in the Revised Pay Scales 2015, at Rs.58,330/- in the category of Section Officer from 01.07.2013, the post held by him as on that date, in the pay scale of Rs.37100-1030-39160-1110-42490-1190-46060-1270-49870-1360-
84970-2160-91450. He is sanctioned periodical increment w.e.f., from 1.8.2013 raising his pay from Rs.58,330/- to Rs.59,890/-.
2.On completion of six years of service in the category of Section Officer the individual is appointed to the Post of Section Officer (SG) w.e.f.,08-08-2013 and his pay is regulated from Rs.59,890/- to Rs.61,450/- in the Special Grade Scale of Rs.40270-1110-42490 - 1190-46060-1270-49870-1360-53950-1460-
2160-91450-2330-93780/- in RPS, 2015. He is sanctioned periodical increment w.e.f., from 1.8.2014 raising his pay from Rs.61,450/- to Rs.63,010/-.
3.The above fixation is notional from 1.7.2013. Separate orders in respect of arrears of above pay fixation from 02.06.2014 to 28.02.2015 shall be issued by Finance (HRM.IV) Department, as and when orders are issued by them, the Finance (OP.II) Department shall take necessary action. The arrears of the above pay fixation for the month of March, 2015 shall be credited to the individual’s bank account through ECS and the salary shall be claimed in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015 thereafter.
4.Finance (OP.II) Department are requested to draw and credit the difference of salary, if any, to the individual’s Bank Account through ECS as a result of the above pay fixation.
5.The above individual is informed that if it comes to light that any excess amount is paid due to any wrong pay fixation, such pay fixation shall be revised and the excess amount so paid shall be recovered from his salary without any notice.