Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cir 3711 Celebrations of Telangana Formation Day- Parameters for Awards Presentation

TELANGANA FORMATION DAY Celebrations-2015 – From 01.06.2015 to 07.06.2015 – Awards presentation in different fields at Mandal/Municipal/Nagara Panchayath Level - Parameters for selection of awardees - Communicated– Reg.

In compliance to the orders of the Government vide references read above; the Awards Screening Committee at District level is constituted in the Chairmanship of Joint Collector-I. The committee met on 23.05.2015, the District Officers has given parameters for selection of the awardees.
  1.           Maximum no.of awards each Mandal level is   10
  2.           Maximum no.of awards each Municipality level is   15  
  3. Maximum no.of awards each Nagarapanchayath level is   15 
  4.           Each award carries Rs.10,116/-

All the Mandal Parishad Development Officers/Mandal Level Officers are instructed to the following guidelines for making success of the event.

Formation of Mandal Level Organizing Committee.

1.   MPDO                                           : Convenor
2.   Tahasildar                                    : Co-convenor
3.   MEO                                             : Member
4.   Agriculture Officer                        : Member
5.   Asst. Project Manager (DRDA)               : Member
6.   Asst. Engineer (PR)/Mandal Eng. Officer : Member

In Urban areas i.e., Municipalities and Nagara panchayaths, the following committee will organize the programme.
Formation of Urban Level organizing committee.

1.   Municipal Commissioner             : Convenor
2.   Tahasildar (mandal concerned)    : Co-convenor
3.   MEO (mandal concerned)             : Member
4.   PRP/TMC of MEPMA                    : Member
5.   Dy.  Engineer (Municipal)            : Member
6.   TPBO                                            : Member

Ø  The Mandal/Municipal/Nagarapanchayath level committees are instructed to select best of three among the applicants as per the parameters given and communicate that panel of three names to district level award committee by 30.5.2015, along with the score of each panelist in a particular field over (email id: /

Ø  The committee can also propose the names of eminent personalities in the field for awards suomotu, if they think that their contribution in that field is exemplary.

Ø  There shall be only one (1) award for all applicants under categories from 1(i) to 1(v), as all of them are categorized as farmers.

Ø  The committee can also propose the names of panelists for those fields for which criteria for selection has not been given, like best employee.

Ø  The applicants who belong to Mandal can apply at their concerned Mandal MPDO Office and the applicants who belong to Municipality/Nagar Panchayath they can apply at their concerned Municipal Commissioner Officer for Mandal Level Awards. The candidates who wish to apply for the award in the specific fields should submit their applications to concerned Mandal on or before 29.05.2015 by 5.00 PM and no applicants shall apply at the Collectorate, RR District. The Committee should submit the proposals of awardees by 5.00 PM on 30.05.2015.

Fields Out of which the Awardees have to selected at Mandal Level:

1.   Best Farmer
2.   Best Teacher (Govt./Pvt.)
3.   Best Priest (Any Religion)                          
4. Best Anganwadi            
5. Best Social Worker        
6. Best Govt. Employee     
7. Best Doctor (Govt./Pvt.)          
8. Best NGO                      
9. Best Sportsperson        
10. Best literary award (Telugu/Urdu)
    (Best Poet/Writer)  
11. Best Artist                            
    Best Singer (Classical/Folk)/Painter/Sculptor/Dramatist)

Fields Out of which the Awardees have to selected at Nagara Panchayath/Municipality Level:

1.   Best Teacher (Govt./Pvt.)
2.   Best Priest (Any Religion)                          
      3. Best Anganwadi            
4. Best Social Worker        
5. Best Govt. Employee     
6. Best Doctor (Govt./Pvt.)          
7. Best NGO                      
8. Best Sportsperson        
9. Best literary award (Telugu/Urdu)
    (Best Poet/Writer)  
10. Best Artist                            
    Best Singer (Classical/Folk)/Painter/Sculptor/Dramatist)

  1. Click here to Download Cir.3711 Telangana Formation Day Awards Parameters