Saturday, May 2, 2015

TS PRC GO MS NO 56 Pays and Allowances - Recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission

Pays and Allowances - Recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission 

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  2. The Government have decided to accept the recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission and accordingly hereby order that Special Pays be paid at the revised rates as indicated in column-4 of the Annexure to this Government order to the holders of the posts specified in column-2 of Annexure.
  3. These orders shall come into force with effect from 01.05.2015
  4. The Revised Special Pays indicated in the Annexure to this order are admissible only to those already drawing the amounts shown in column-3 i.e., ‘existing’ and wherever both 'Existing' and 'Revised' Special Pays are shown. In respect of those categories for whom Special Pay is sanctioned afresh, no amount is shown in column-3 of the Annexure i.e., existing amount
  5. DesignationExisting Spl PayRevised New Attractive Spl Pay
    Headmasters of Primary Schools75125
    Headmasters of Upper Primary Schools100150
    Language Pandits Gr.II/ S.G.B.T. Teachers (for Handling High School Classes)100150
    Headmasters in Single Teacher Schools50100
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