TS PRC GO MS No 82 Uniform and Uniform Maintanance Allowances

PRC RPS-2015 Recomondations | ALLOWANCES - Manual of Special Pays and Allowances - Recommendations – Revised rates of Uniform Allowance and Uniform Maintenance ions of Tenth Pay Revision Com Allowance - Orders - Issued.

Based on the recommendations of Ninth Pay Revision Commission, orders were issued in the Government order first read above, enhancing the rates of Uniform Allowance to several categories of employees belonging to various departments listed in the Annexure to that G.O.
2.Based on the recommendations of the Tenth Pay Revision Commission orders were issued in the Government order second read above, implementing the Revised Scales of Pay, 2015 to the State Government employees.
3.The Tenth Pay Revision Commission, in its report, while observing that the rates of Uniform Allowance / Clothing Allowance / Special Uniform Grant and the periodicity of payment of the same were not uniform, recommended uniform rates of allowances and uniform periodicity of payment of the said allowances.
4.Government have decided to accept the recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission and hereby order the payment of Uniform Allowance in cash at the following rates once in a year.
I.(a) For employees belonging to uniformed services, (viz) Police, (except Grey hounds, S.I.B. Personnel, C.I.D., & Dist. Spl. Branches) Prohibition &
Excise, Forest, Fire & Emergency
Rs.2000/-p.a. Rs.3500/-p.a.,
Services, Prisons & correctional

services Transport, Legal metrology,

Ports departments and the employees

belonging to Municipalities.

(b) For the Operational Staff in “Grey

Hounds” and S.I.B. Units of Police


(c) For the Staff in C.I.D. and Dist. Special

Branches covered by G.O.(P)No.511,
Rs.300/- p.a.
Rs.500/- p.a.,

Fin (TA) Dept., Dt. 11-06-04.

For the Nursing personnel working in all

the Medical Departments, i.e. Medical

Education, Health, Family Welfare,

Institute of Preventive Medicine, Insurance

Medical Services & Ayush Departments.

For the employees of High Court, AP

Administrative Tribunal and other courts

for whom wearing of Black Coat is
Rs.1000/- p.a

compulsory as per the orders of H.C./

A.P.A.T./ other courts.

For the staff who have to wear Apron

compulsorily in Laboratories /
Rs.500/- p.a.

Dispensaries / Hospitals etc.,

For the teaching faculty of College of


5.In respect of item Nos. I, II, and III above, the categories of posts for which Uniform Allowance is to be paid is given inAnnexure–I to this G.O. In respect of item Nos. IV and V above, it is ordered that HM&FW Department shall notify, in consultation with Finance Department, the categories of posts for which this allowance is payable.
6.In respect of the staff belonging to Protocol Department and Raj Bhavan, for whom separate dresses are prescribed, the existing procedure of supplying the uniform is ordered to be continued for the officers and other employees. Similarly, in the case of staff belonging to Telangana Bhavan, New Delhi, for whom separate dresses are prescribed for summer season and winter season, the existing procedure of supply of dress to the Class IV employees is ordered to be continued. It is respect of other staff of Telangana Bhavan summer / winter Uniform Allowance is as shown below as per G.O.Ms. No.410, G.A. (GH.I) Department, dt.12.10.2001. The revised rates of these two allowances are shown against each item.
Uniform Allowance
Existing rate
Revised rate

Summer Uniform
750/- per head
1500/- per head

per annum.
per annum.
Winter Uniform
1000/- per head
2000/- per head

per annum.
per annum.
7. It is also ordered that the Uniform Allowance at the revised rates are payable once in a year, along with the salary for the month of March payable in April every year.

8.The Tenth P.R.C. endorsed the recommendations of Ninth PRC (2010) that those who are eligible for Uniform Allowance should automatically be eligible for Uniform allowance and recommended enhanced rates of Uniform Maintenance Allowance.
9.Government have decided to accept the recommendations of Tenth Pay Revision Commission and hereby order, that Uniform Maintenance Allowance be paid at Rs.150/- per month in cash to all the categories who have to wear Uniform as specified in items ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’, of Annexure-I to this order; and at Rs.75/- per month in cash for all other categories who have to wear only Apron/coats etc., vide item ‘D’ of Annexure-I and staff of Laboratories/Dispensaries/ Hospitals etc. This Uniform Maintenance Allowance is payable only to such of the categories to whom Uniform Allowance is admissible as per the orders in ‘A’ above. In the case of staff belonging to Raj Bhavan, Telangana Bhavan, New Delhi and Protocol Department where supply of Uniform is ordered to be continued as stated in para ‘6’ of ‘A’ above, the Uniform Maintenance Allowance at Rs.150/- per month is also payable.
10.These orders shall come into force from 01-06-2015.
11.The existing rules and orders prescribing conditions for the grant and utilization of the Uniform Allowance shall continue to apply.
12.Necessary amendment to the Manual of Special Pays and Allowances will be issued in due course.

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