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SMC Formation Guidlines in Telangana from TSSA

Telangana SSA | Guidlines for Formation of SMC | School Management Committee Formation Guidlines from Telangana SSA | SMC  Formation guidlines 

SMC Formation Guidlines from Telangana SSA

Existing position

 Student Parent/Guardian
 Elected from Parent/Guardian members

Student Parent / Guardian
Elected from parent members by show of hand / voice vote / secret ballot method

 Member convener
HM/ I/c HM

 Elected Members
Parents / Guardians
Will be elected from parent members by majority from each class by show of hand / voice vote / secret ballot

 Ex Officio Members
 Teacher, Ward Member/Councillor/ Coorporator , Anganwadi Teacher, Multi Purpose Health Worker – Female (ANM), President Mahila Samakhya

Coopted Members
 Eminent educationist / philanthropist / Office Bearer of  NGO/Voluntry Organization, an Alumni or such other supported of the school
 Co-opted by  the elected     Parent/Guardian members

1. The SMC shall be constituted in every school, other than an unaided school, within its jurisdiction, within six months of the commencement of the Act and reconstituted every two years.

2. A primary school shall be a 27 member committee. Of them 24 members shall be from the mother / father or guardian of the children enrolled in the school. One member shall be the elected representative one member may be the nominee of the mahila samakhyas of the village concerned.

3. The head teacher or the in charge head teacher of the school shall be ex-officio member /convenor of the committee

4. A school, other than a school specified in sub-clause (iv) of clause (n) of section 2, shall constitute  a School Management Committee consisting of the elected representatives of the local authority, parents or guardians of

  children admitted in such school and teachers:

5. Three-fourth of members of such Committee shall be parents or guardians proportionate representation shall be given to the parents or guardians of children belonging to disadvantaged group and weaker section fifty percent of Members of such Committee shall be women shall perform the following functions

  (a) monitor the working of the school;
  (b) prepare and recommend school development plan;
  (c) monitor the utilization of the grants received
  (d) perform such other functions as may be prescribed

6. Every School Management Committee, constituted under sub section (1) of section 21, shall prepare a School Development Plan

7. Maintain regularity and punctuality of teachers in attending school

8. No teacher shall engage himself in private tuition of private teaching activity

9. SMC shall identify children requiring special   training and organize such trainings

10. School Management Committees may involve Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Self Help Groups (SHGs) in mobilization and identification of Out-of-School children (see RTE rule 2010)

11. Chairperson of the SMC shall maintain a list of the children belonging to disadvantaged groups and weaker sections 

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