Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DSE Telangana Latest clarifications on Promotions and Transfers

  1. ➡Only one of the spouse has to avail special points once in 5/8 yrs.
  2. ➡Spouse came on IDT also avail spl points once in 5/8 yrs.
  3. ➡HMs who taught subjet are eligible to get performance points
  4. ➡Entire stn service shall be counted for trs in bifurcated schools
  5. ➡Higher result of SSC shall be taken fr points if one tr handled more sections
  6. ➡Promotions shall be taken up for needy vacancies only
  7. ➡Ensure adequacy of SC/STs in promotions
  8. ➡DSE issued clarifications vide RC no 1848 dt 6 July 2015.
  9. Click here to Download DSE Clarifications file