Sunday, August 9, 2015

AP/TS AAS Software for Teachers As per RPS-2015

Special Grade Post Scale (6 years): 
The individual who completed 6 years of service in the same cadre eligible to get Special Grade Post Scale and allowed new scale .
    (a) SPP-IA/SAPP-IA( 12 years ): 

    Automatic Advancement Scheme AAS Software for teachers in AP and Telangana
    The employee who completed 12 years of service in the same cadre, is allowed to get new scale in the next promotion.
    1. ( i ) DSC 2002 Teachers Automatic Advancement Scheme 12 Years SPP-IA Pay Fixation after Completion of 12 Years for SGTs, LPTs, PETs under FR 22(a)(i) read with FR 31(2) and award of School Asst/LFL HM Post Scale.
    2. ( ii ) Qualified Category III Teachers those who have completed 12 years service & drawing pay at Rs.14050 in the pay scale of Rs.11530-27700 as on Oct 2014 shall get SPP-I A scale & pay at Rs.14860 in the pay scale of Rs 14860-39540 under FR 22(a)(i).
    3. ( iii )Next AGI will be accrued after 1year( Oct-2015 ).Let us know how to fix their Scale and Pay with respect to the Fundamental Rules and Norms.
    4. ( iv ) who have completed 12 years service & drawing pay @Rs.14050 in the pay scale of Rs11530-27700 as on Oct 2014 shall get SPP-I A scale & pay @ Rs.14860 in the pay scale Rs14860-39540 under FR 22(a)(i).

     b) SPP-IB/SAPP-IB( 18years ):
    1.  The employee who completed 18 years of service in the same cadre,  is allowed to get one additional increment in the same scale SPP-IA/SAPP-IA
    Special Promotion Post Scale –II (SPP-II)( 24years ): 
    1. The employee, who completed 24 years, as per service rules is allowed to get  SPP- II, that is equal to next promotion scale. And the individual must require qualifications as per the next promotion post.
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