Monday, August 10, 2015

Rc 405 GHMs should teach a Subject with year Plan

TS Telangana SCERT Rc 405 Dt 03.08.2015 Telangana State Council for Educational Research and Training Hyderabad has instructed to DEOs in the state in the video conference on 03.08.2015
Telangana SCERT Proc 405 Instructions to HMs MEOs Dy EOs MEOs GHMs should teach a Subject implement readyness programme and cce

  1. Follow the Academic Calendar for 2015-16
  2. Implement CCE in all Schools including Pvt Schools
  3. Every School should have its time table
  4. Should implement Co Curricular activities in school
  5. For II to V classes children readiness programme should implement
  6. High School Headmasters (GHMs) Should teach one subject along with proper lesson and year plan 

Click here to Download Rc.405 Dt 03.08.2015