Saturday, February 27, 2016

TS SCERT Instructions through Video Conference on 27.2.2016

  1. Academic Year 2016-17 Starts from 21.03.2016
  2. Primary and Upper Primary School Headmasters should join children in nearby ZP Schools and Joining report of children should be submitted to MEOs and Dy.EOs by High School Headmasters
  3. MDM Bills Should be Paid
  4. Govt Free Supply Books should be in Pink Colour and Fee Paid books should be in Blue Colour
  5. Free Text Books Distribution Register should be maintained and Make students should be Signed
  6. If Students asks TC after issuing Text Books, shoukd be mentioned at back side of TC
  7. Old Books Should be Collected
  8. SSC Spot Valuation will be starts from 11.04.2016
  9. Annual Days Should be conducted.