TS Rc 471 LEP 3RS Monitoring Teams Visit School Proformas- Download

TS Rc 471 LEP 3RS Monitoring Teams Visit Proformas- Download

Telangana State Learning Enhancement Programme LEP 3RS Monitoring Teams will visit schools and collect data from School level Mandal level and District Level in Telangana. Teachers have to prepare the data ready to produce if Monitoring Team Visit schools and asks. Profromas for Mandal Level and District level also avalable here. Teachers are requested to Download this Proforma of School Level and be ready for the Monitoring Teams ts-rc-471-lep-3rs-monitoring-teams-school-proforma-download


LEP 3RS School Proforma Download

All the teachers have to prepare the LEP 3RS Reports in Particular Format. here we providing the proforma to collect the DATA we have achieved
LEP shall be continued up to 31st Dec,2017 so as to achieve 100% target.
TS RC.471 Dt.20-11-17
Mandal & Dist level Monitoring teams to observe the nature of the implementation of  LEP 3Rs and strategies being followed at all schools to achieve progress over baseline and reasons for not achieving the progress.
All schools must be visited by the mandal level teams(School complex HM & RP).
The progress of LEP must be reviewed school-wise during School complex by the School complex HM.
C&DSE shall review the implementation and progress on LEP 3Rs on 8th Dec,2017.
After the post test the exact number of students unable to perform 3Rs shall be finalised And LEP shall be continued up to 31st Dec,2017 so as to achieve 100% target.

Pre test and Post test formats at school ,mandal & dist level made available at our website for HMs& teachers.
Download Proforma

Click here to Download LEP Proformas


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