Entitlement Points Calculator Online for Teacher Transfers Seniority List - Check Here

Entitlement Points Calculator Online for Teacher Transfers Seniority List - Check Here

Teacher Transfers Seniority List will be prepared on the basis of Entitlement Points they get. Teachers Transfers Entitlement Points Calculator Transfers Points Online Calculator Teachers can calculate Station Points and Service Points Entitlement Points Calculation will be done on Station/Working School time as well Service Points. Special Category Points and Preferential points and Spouse Points additional. Teachers can calculate their Transfer Seniority Points using this Online Calcultor by Giving. TS teachers transfers 2017 Entitlement points and performance points calculation software -teacher-transfers-entitlement-points-calculator-online-for-seniority-list -teacher-transfers-entitlement-points-calculator-online-for-seniority-list

Calculate Your Entitlement Points for Transfers Seniority

Teacher Transfers Going on in Telangana. Teachers are very eager to know their Seniority Place in the Transfers. Transfers Seniority Lists will be prepared district wise by the District Educational Officers of Concern District. Post wise Seniority Lists will be Prepared after the Submission of Online Application at www.cdse.telangana.gov.in. Date given by the Teachers for Transfers such as Date of Joining in the School Category of the School Date of First Appointment in the Service play key roll on calculation of Entitlement Points as well as Seniority Lists. Here you can know your Entitlement Points using this Online Calculator

Steps to Calculate your Transfers Entitlement Points
  1. Select Date of Joining in the Present school (DD / MM / YYYY)
  2. Select the Category of the School
  3. Select Date of 1st Appointment (DD / MM / YYYY)
  4. Click on submit to know your School Points and Service Points


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