Thursday, November 8, 2018

TS RMSA In Service Teachers Training for 5 Days SCERT Instructions

 TS RMSA In Service Teachers Training for 5 Days SCERT Instructions 
District  level in-service teacher trainings of RMSA 2017-18 in two spells at divisional level in non-residential mode.🔥
  1. Spell -1:- from 9.11.18 to 13.11.18 (5days) for Telugu,Hindi, English & HM's.
  2. Spell-2: 15.11.18 to 19.11.18 for Maths, P. S, B. S, and Social studies. 

Guidelines and unit cost are sent through email.                 
▪3) The DEOs are requested to make all necessary arrangements ie identification of good venues with all amenities like fans,drinking water, Guest lecture,LCD projector, for smooth conduct of trainings.
▪4) State level observers are appointed and will stay at districts during the trainings.
▪5) Please ensure that 40 % women teachers must be trained.
▪6) Teachers who are going to retired in 2019 -2020,and suffering with severe health problems, teachers recruited prior to 2009 may be considered for exemption.
▪7) Please arrange biometric machines in all venues and obtain attendance twice once at 9.30 am and once at 5.00 pm.
▪8) RJDs are requested to visit all the trainings  and moniter the trainings for effective conduct of training.
I hope that all DEOs will made all necessary measures to conduct all in smooth and befitting manner.
Regards Director
-SCERT, Telangana